8th International Summerschool

Depuis 2013 j'organise une summerschool internationale avec des partenaires allemands et néerlandais

I have the pleasure to announce the 8th edition of the International Summerschool.

Since 2013, the INSA Strasbourg co-organize a summerschool with our partners from Artez Arnhem (The Netherlands), HTWG Konstanz (Germany) and of course our partner in Strasbourg: the ENSAS.

Join in!

New this year: students and teachers from the TU Darmstadt, KIT Karlsruhe and the faculty of Rome, a great opportunity to link with, hopefully new partners and collaborate on an informal way for a couple of days. 

This year we go virtual, challenging experience!


VIII. International SummerSchool on Rhine Rivers

SEPTEMBER 11 – 14, 2020

Small structures, big ideas – Art, architecture, urban design


  • 11 September, 19:00 Web meeting, team building (by lottery), “Skype apéro”, afterwards: individual web meetings of the student teams
  • 12 September, 9:00 Web meeting, introduction, input lectures…
  • 12 September, 17:00 Web meeting, presentation “first ideas”
  • 13 September, 11:00 Web meeting, discussion
  • 13 September, 14:00 – 16:00 Supervision/discussion with teachers in smaller groups
  • 14 September, 14:00 Web meeting final presentation, “Skype apéro”, afterwards: late year, next year… meeting personally, “Summer School Revival…”

About the topic: big ideas for small temporary buildings and structures in the public spaces, for example on the banks of the Rhine (Arnhem, Strasbourg, Constance, Karlsruhe…) or on the banks of other home-rivers of the participating Universities.
Examples: popup bars, pavilions, parklets and many more…

And if you are curious about our past experiences please have a closer look on the previous articles on this blog:

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Dans les mêmes thématiques :

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