Visiting our partners in Gdansk

Anke Vrijs, associate professor in architecture at INSA Strasbourg, tries actually to build up new partnerships with universities allowing architecture and engineering students to go for an Erasmus exchange. Within this framework she went to Graz (Austria) in May 2018 and recently to Gdansk (Poland).
I had the opportunity beginning of June to visit the Universtiy of Technology in Gdansk. A very warm welcome  was organized by my colleagues Justyna Borucka and Antoni Taraszkiewicz who showed me parts of the city and its impressing  Museum of Solidarity.
The aim of this visit was to build up closer collaboration. Antoni already assisted to our diploma session last year and will be hopefully with us again this year.
I held a lecture about « Art in urban space » which gave the idea to Justyna to engage transdisciplinary workshops and exchanges between art and architecture, Gdansk and Strasbourg … we have already plenty of ideas !!!
Her sparkling character and rich international experience are really encouraging to start our exchanges and collaborations very soon.
As the University of Technology trains engineering as well, it might be interesting if our colleagues from the engineering departments of INSA Strasbourg join this project. Perhaps we could start with the Erasmus+ student exchange program ?
Dziękuję bardzo !
Thank you very much Justyna, thank you very much Antoni. I’m convinced that this type of human warm exchanges are the only way of continuing building up Europe which seems to be a big challenge in Gdansk as well as in Strasbourg.

Crédit photos : Anke Vrijs

This teaching staff mobilty was co-funded thanks to the Erasmus+ programme.

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